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Artesian Well

Point Well

​​​​​​There are different types of well systems. They are based on the depth of the water table, the condition of the underlying material in the ground, and the demand for a home, building, or irrigation system. 

A "Point Well" or "Water Table Well", draws water from an unconfined or confined aquifer and is located at a depth above the bed rock. It is installed with a screen on the end of a pipe. The screen is set at a depth in the ground where there is a porous zone of sediment that passes water freely. The screen keeps the sediment out but allows the water to pass.  For residential applications, the diameter of this well usually ranges anywhere from two to six inches. This well can be pumped with a shallow well jet pump, deep well jet pump, or submersible pump. 

If there isn't a porous zone of sediment that can supply water for a point well, the well has to be drilled deeper. These wells draw water from a confined aquifer and are drilled in the bedrock. They are commonly called "Artesian Wells" or "Rock Bored Wells". A portion of the well has steel casing that is installed at a certain depth to keep silt and sediment out. The rest of the well is an open hole in the rock where water comes in through natural cracks and crevices. For a residential system, usually the diameter of this well is six inches. A submersible pump is normally installed in this well but it can also be pumped with a deep well or shallow well jet pump.